The Essence of the Company


Bigelow Studios is that homegrown, made in America company that offers beautiful animal sculptures infused with a little character and personality.  We wanted to provide an alternative gift and garden piece that is hand-sculpted, cast in stone and with hand- painted glass eyes. Endearing works of art that are substantial and solid, opposed to some of the cheaper mass-produced resin and plastic ornaments on the market. We are a company that is devoted to being sweet to the earth and thoughtful to animals and their habitat.  


How it began

It was in his garage in the early 90’s when Phil Bigelow decided to give sculpting a try. He took a class at the community college then worked evenings to hone his skills. As Phil found his passion for sculpting wildlife, his work was becoming noticed. In the mid 90’s, in the small town of Moose Lake, MN. Phil decided to create his own garden sculpture business called Earthly Creations.  It was not long that he went from a hobbyist sculpting in his garage to growing a prosperous business. Earthly Creations finely sculpted wildlife creatures gained national appeal with over 3,000 garden centers selling his sculpture line.  

After a decade of sculpting and manufacturing, entrepreneur Phil Bigelow sold Earthly Creations and pursued other ventures returning to his home state of Arizona.  

Fast forward to another state and another time, currently residing in New Mexico, Phil is once again beckoned by the potential of a brick of clay. He molds, he crafts, he sculpts, he is revisited by an old friend - inspiration.

Former Earthly Creation collectors celebrate the re-emergence of sculptor Phil Bigelow, knowing that Bigelow Studios produces the same high-quality work.  

Our Story

 Kellie is Phil's wife, partner and director of marketing and sales.  Kellie has a varied background as a professional writer, traveler, social worker, teacher and entrepreneur. 

 Phil and Kellie have always loved adventure, both avid travelers, and risk-takers, they find great joy in the pursuit of amazing experiences. Phil has enjoyed extreme sports such as skydiving and deep-sea diving.  He has climbed Machu Picchu, rode the rooftop of a train through India and has traveled setting up international business ventures.

Kellie has spent years living abroad in Brazil, traveling solo through South America and backpacking through Europe. Kellie's unrelenting sense of adventure has led her to extreme places, from navigating her way through the Amazon jungle with natives to sleeping in a cave with gypsies in Southern Italy.  Her motto: "Risk brings freshness to common things."

Aside from the hard work and effort in creating and building a business, Phil and Kellie find it essential to enjoy the process and to take an occasional weekend off to play and explore new places.

 Our vision was not only to impart the quality of these sculptures but too, to express the character and charm of each piece. It was also important for us to convey our sense of humor and fun, from designing the logo, creating the packaging to building a website.  We want for the people who purchase our sculptures to feel good, to have a little uptick on their happiness scale.

We hope that you love our ridiculously cute garden sculptures as much as we have loved their creation. A deep hearted thank you from all of us at Bigelow Studios!