Ridiculously Cute Sculptures for Home & Garden

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Concrete Garden ornaments

Our quality garden ornaments are first sculpted from an unassuming ball of clay. Artist Phil Bigelow creates each of his stone animals by casting them in pigmented concrete and giving them hand-painted glass eyes. This results in animal stone sculptures that are as durable as they are adorable, each an intricate piece of art.


Meet our Stone Animals!

Our collection of finely crafted garden sculptures detail the beauty and realism of wildlife while capturing the essence of cute, lively characters. Get to know their personalities by reading their adventure story: The Garden Keepers 

Frodo for promo.jpg

Frodo the Stone Frog

Is being a concrete frog what makes Frodo so chill and easy-going? Learn more about Frodo.


Good Gifts for Gardeners

Each of our cute creatures is signed by the artist and makes the perfect eco friendly gardening gift. 


Basil the Bunny Garden Sculpture

Basil’s finely detailed fur appears soft enough to pet. Her squishy looking face and big eyes make her so easy to love. Learn more about Basil.

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Humor infused


 After years of being an entrepreneur, Phil Bigelow wanted to create a company that was more personal, one that expressed his experience, passion and sense of humor. In every step of the process from the sculpting of the creatures to designing the logo and gift box, he and his partner Kellie wanted to impart a sense of joy and fun, while offering a sculpture that provides a little bit of happiness to your home. Learn more about Bigelow Studios.